Sirona at the Greater New York Dental Meeting

Fresh off the Greater New York Dental meeting, I’m struck by one theme: CEREC Omnicam is so approachable and easy to use, even a child can image with it. Of course, once a child and his CEREC-loving dad actually stopped by the Sirona Dental booth, we had to grab a video of the young boy imaging a model with Omnicam and immediately share it with everyone (don’t worry, we got dad’s permission!).

Once the video had a chance to get around on social media, Patterson Dental Technology Advisor Stephanie Dominquez started feeling nostalgic and commented, “I remember as a child going to the shows with my dad and we’d always stop and play at the Sirona booth!” I suppose CEREC has always had that draw. I’ve heard so many doctors make comments like, “It’s like playing a video game!” or “It’s so much fun, I actually enjoy practicing dentistry again!”

You know it’s easy to learn when the people giving the demos immediately hand over the model and camera to a new doctor who starts imaging right away.

Living inside the social media world I manage day-to-day is a fascinating experience. I see all sorts of interesting things. Just today, someone tweeted a photo of three people experiencing Omnicam for the first time: their facial expressions are priceless!

Now is an amazing time for doctors embracing digital dentistry. If you haven’t seen Omnicam, check out featuring the Las Vegas launch and beta tester demos. Of course, anyone at Patterson Dental would love to show you too!