Sneak Peek at Eaglesoft 17

I am thrilled to write this post today and to give you a sneak peek at Eaglesoft 17! I have just returned from our Technology Summit where all of our technology advisors, nationwide, were shown Eaglesoft 17 for the first time. The energy in that room was tremendous and they can’t wait to start training on and talking about all of these new features!

The exciting enhancements coming with Eaglesoft 17 will continue to give you more power to run a smart and efficient practice. We hope these tools continue to enhance your patients’ experience and your practice lifestyle.

So, what does the future hold? Here are a few highlights:

  1. Customizable Medical History! – By far, this new feature received the loudest roars! Not only has the Medical History been re-energized, it is now far more streamlined and fully customizable! The original Medical History form is still available but now you will have the option to customize it, create an entirely new one and manage multiple forms (i.e., dental history vs. medical history, adult patient medical history vs. pedo patient medical history).
  2. Auto Updater – This is significant and personally my favorite enhancement! The PAU (Patterson Auto Updater) is an application that will deliver future software updates over the web!
  3. New RSS Feed – This new feature will be known as the “Eaglesoft News Center”. Directly from the main Eaglesoft screen will be a feed that connects you to the latest information about Eaglesoft.
  4. Enhanced List Boxes – Simply put … do more with fewer clicks!
  5. Claim Form Enhancements – Several updates have been added to enhance submission of both paper and electronic claims.
  6. Eaglesoft Clinician, a fully certified EHR Software – This is an option for qualified customers who wish to participate in Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive programs.
  7. Quick Import for Images – This new tool allows you to “map” a path to an external image directory, saving your staff valuable time and increasing efficiency.
  8. Report Enhancements – Including a New Reports Toolbar.
  9. Dolphin 3D Imaging Tools – Store and enhance 3D images directly in the Eaglesoft patient record.
  10. Treatment Plan and Recall Enhancements – Changes have been made to make viewing information easier and more intuitive.

The release date for Eaglesoft 17 is still tentatively scheduled for late this summer. As with previous releases, we will distribute Eaglesoft 17 over a period of time to ensure all customers continue to receive the highest level of support.

More information regarding the release date and training opportunities will be announced soon. Nationwide, our technology advisors will host Eaglesoft 17 release presentations to provide their local customers with a more detailed overview. Your local Patterson branch will notify customers with the particulars as soon as they are available.

2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at Eaglesoft 17

  1. Hi, I was wondering if we could be put towards the beginning of the distribution list this time. Last time, we were towards the end and received our update nearly a year after it came out.

    Thank you,

  2. When we ship software updates to our customers we find we get an increase in phone calls to support. To maintain our support standards during a release we stagger our shipments over time.

    But we have good news! We shifted our shipment schedule so that those of you that received your update later in the process with Eaglesoft 16 will not necessarily be the last ones to ship again this year.

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