Students and Technology

I love talking about technology with today’s dental students. First, there is no fear of the learning curve. They have no preconceived ideas of how a dental practice runs. These are students – they’re there to learn, and they embrace learning about new technology with excitement.

Second, students expect technology. They have been using digital cameras to capture their personal memories for years, so why wouldn’t they use digital technology for capturing images in their dental practice? They communicate by sending text messages and emails to their friends and family, so that seems a natural way to remind patients of upcoming appointments. And time … in this busy world, today’s students understand the value of time. They see the value of giving patients the experience of same-day crowns with CEREC.

Bottom line: dental students understand how technology is adding value to a dental practice and making a patient’s experience better. I encourage dental students to continue to embrace and learn about every aspect of technology that presents itself.