The #1 Secret For “New Marketing” Success

The temptation in dental practice marketing is to always be looking for the latest, greatest tool or trick – the silver bullet that will attract herds of new patients, eliminate attrition and exponentially grow practice equity. But typically results don’t come this easy.

Long ago, all you needed was traditional advertising. And while there are still a few components of traditional advertising that help over the short term, unless you have a very fat checkbook, mass marketing for your practice is dead.

The secret to long-term, new marketing success was revealed in 1936:

Yes, that old saying is true… “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

First, social media is about showing interest in, and lifting others. It’s how you earn the trust and permission to market to people.

Then, social media empowers progressive dental practices to easy and consistently tell their practice story in compelling, bite-sized ways. It educates, strengthens relationships, builds loyalty and increases top-of-mind awareness and referrals. And all you really need to remember is to put other people first.

Whether you start doing this yourself, or with help… Just do it.

Specific tools come and go. Relationship marketing is here to stay. Be sure Dale Carnegie’s wisdom always dominates your overall marketing mindset.