The Best Times of the Year to Whiten Your Teeth

Best Times of the Year to Whiten Your TeethLife is full of special events that we will remember forever. Whether it’s walking down the aisle on a wedding day, hugging an out-of-state relative at a family reunion, or shaking the dean’s hand at a graduation ceremony, these big moments become treasured and timeless memories held close to the heart.

Let your patients know you care about helping them look and feel their best for these milestones, by offering whitening services and specials. Whether its spring, summer, fall, or winter, there are always big events on the horizon which present the perfect opportunity to spark meaningful conversations with your patients about teeth whitening. Use the strong relationships you continue to solidify during each and every visit, to find out whether any of these 10 smile-filled occasions are approaching for your patients!



1. Graduation

Transitioning from high school to college or college into “the real world” can be stressful and somewhat frightening. Finding their way in a new place, making friends, and boldly expressing who they are can be challenging. Teeth whitening can help ease this transition by inspiring confidence. It can give patients a little extra self-assurance to go ahead and step outside of their comfort zone, or assist with finding and landing their dream dream job.


2. Job Interviews

When meeting a *hopefully* future employer for the first time, patients undoubtedly want to make a memorable first impression. Their smiles can have a huge effect on their abilities to make sure it is a ~great~ one! Having the confidence to smile during an interview can help portray positivity, passion, energy, and enthusiasm. Even if they aren’t job hunting and are perfectly happy with their current company, a strongsmile can be an important asset at the office – it can help land that promotion or get that big raise they’ve been seeking for so long.



3. Weddings

An important, yet often overlooked-amidst-the-planning-chaos aspect to consider before tying the knot, is your smile! Many brides and grooms recognize the amount of cameras that will flash in their faces as they celebrate this very special day. If that’s not enough to make them want to whiten, just think about all the coffee table albums and Facebook pictures that will be on display for years to come. And, let’s be honest, they probably won’t be able to contain their smile as they celebrate, so do your best to help them make it as bright as possible.


4. Reunions

Whether it’s a 10-year, 20-year, or 50-year class reunion, these get-togethers are a chance to catch up with old friends – and see how everyone has changed over the years. Either way, your patients will want to show up feeling confident and excited to show off the new, more mature, and happier them. The good news is that doesn’t require shedding 10 pounds pre-event. It simply means showing up, smiling confidently, and having a great time swapping memories with old classmates. Whitening can do that for them!



5. Back on the Dating Scene

Is your patient recently “back on the market” and preparing to take the dating scene by storm? Then they should be getting ready to smile…a lot. In fact, a recent poll conducted by of 5,000 single people found that a beautiful smile was the most attractive quality that both men and women looked for in someone they wanted to meet! Not only will they want to dazzle any potential suitors with a flirty grin, but knowing their pearly whites are shining brighter than ever will give them the confidence they need to get back in the game and swing for the fences.


6. Back-To-School

From shopping for text books and school supplies, to picking out that perfect first day outfit, prepping for the first day of school brings loads of excitement. This school year, help your patients shine in the hallways by showing off their brightest smiles. When it comes to meeting their classmates and teachers for the first time, a warm smile can go a long way. A+ for optimal oral hygiene!



7. Holiday Season

‘Tis the season of socializing, togetherness, joy, and…delicious food. Will your patients be splurging on some traditional sweet treats (and maybe a couple glasses of wine) during this time of the year? They needn’t sweat it. They can turn to whitening to counter some of the negative effects. This way they can enjoy their sweets, and still flash a radiant smile in the annual holiday card.


8. New year, New You

whitening teeth for the new yearYou know that accomplished feeling when you set a new year’s goal and you start to notice the first signs of progress? Feels great, right? The determination of sticking to and accomplishing your goals can be a major motivator to keep up the good work. On the other hand, skip a few days of meditation…jogging…journaling…and it’s easier to get discouraged and give up. Having your teeth whitened as you say hello to a new year can help you stay motivated to keep your teeth in great condition all year long. Inspire patients to put saying “see ya” to plaque on their 2018 to-do lists, by discussing all the ways you can help them see success!



9. Birthdays

As we age, so do our teeth. Perhaps patients have noticed with each birthday comes many little surprises, like yellow spots starting to pop up on their teeth. If they want to turn back the clock and erase these little annoyances (who doesn’t!), an easy fix could be a whitening program. And the best birthday surprise of all? A recent study by Oral B confirms that a whiter, brighter smile can make you look at least five years younger (oh, happy day!). By committing to maintaining a white smile, patients will have lots to smile about as candles continue to pile up on their birthday cakes.


10. Vacations

Isn’t the whole point of a vacation to get away, relax, and feel absolutely amazing? When having one’s teeth whitened, it’s not uncommon to feel more attractive and more confident. There’s something to be said about the saying, “look good, feel good.” Whiten, unwind, and help patients make the most out of these satisfying days off.

Any time of year can be an excellent time of year for you and your patients to discuss whitening services. Tapping into major life events gives you an especially ideal opportunity to create some “buzz” and excitement around your whitening products and services. If your practice has a blog, consider writing about the plentiful benefits of teeth whitening, promoting your specials, or listing off whitening do’s and don’ts. Your patients will appreciate the obvious emphasis you are placing on helping them look and feel their best throughout the most important times in their lives.

Keeping our smiles bright not only helps boost our moods – a healthy, genuine smile is contagious and makes those around us happier as well! What events would you suggest your patients whiten for? Please share in the comments below!

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  1. I have tried the coconut oil route and I didn’t really see any differences but most people swear by it. Great advice here.

  2. Thank you for listing all the best times to get your teeth whitened. I think that getting your teeth whitened for a class reunion would be a great idea. It would be really nice to show up feeling confident and excited.

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