Confidence in Technology: a Benefit of Business With Patterson

They say it’s key. They say it’s the most attractive quality you can have. They say it goes with everything. They even say it’s contagious! What is this all-powerful epidemic? Confidence, of course! As a practicing dental professional, you already have loads. You have confidence in your ability to provide your patients with top-notch care. Confidence that your team is professional, courteous, enthusiastic, and capable. Confident in your business’s philosophy of care, and confident that it will serve as the foundation of your growth.

But…what about your technology? Do you have confidence that your equipment is working as hard as you are? Confident that you have selected the tools that will best help you deliver on your care philosophy? Confident in your capacity to wield these tools to their fullest potential? Patterson wants the answers to these important questions to be a resounding, “confident,” YES! 

Confidence doesn’t suddenly materialize. Rather, it requires building up firm trust both in yourself and in a partner. Here are some reasons you can be confident that Patterson will serve as your steadfast, trusted technology partner.


…You Can Have Confidence That We’re Invested in Your Future

Pam Hemmen Patterson Technology Center QuoteTechnology isn’t a fad. It’s not going anywhere, and neither are we. As the demand for state-of-the-art tools and equipment continues to grow, we will continue to invest in the staff necessary to support those tools in your practice. We have expanded from 30 employees in 1997, to a PTC team of 450.


…You Can Have Confidence That We’re With You for the Long Haul

jennifer westendorf patterson technology center quoteWe don’t believe in dropping equipment at your doorstep and *poof* pulling a disappearing act. After we make sure that your purchases are expertly installed, first, we clean up after ourselves. Then, we continue to partner with you “for the long haul.” Feel free to reach out any time – the PTC team averages 5,000 contacts per day, whether that’s via phone, email, live chat, or its FAQ website.


…You Can Have Confidence That This Isn’t our First Rodeo

john graham ptc quoteThink you’ve got a stumper for us? After two decades, chances are “we’ve heard it before.” And if not, we’ve put the teams, tools, and resources in place to get it figured out. The PTC features on-site resource rooms, where our specialists have access to the very same equipment that you have. This means literal hands-on support.


…You Can Have Confidence in the Expertise of Our Team

josh killian patterson technology center quoteAny time you reach out to the PTC, you’ll have the industry’s most knowledgeable support team by your side. In fact, the team engages in an average of 8.3 thousand annual training hours, so we can continue to “confidently” claim that title.

No one helps dental practices choose, install, onboard, and make use of their technology investments every single day, better than Patterson Dental. Learn more about our complete suite of repair and service offerings here, and feel free to leave any questions in the comments section below…you can have confidence that we’ll get back to you. ?