The Power of Personalization in Eaglesoft

One of my absolute favorite things about Eaglesoft is how very customizable it is in so many ways. This customization increases efficiency and allows you to spend more of your valuable time with your patients.

Here are just a few ideas for you to implement to enhance your user experience:

1. The Exploding Code

This is a list of multiple codes combined into one “Exploding Code.” These codes enable you to create customized code listings to make scheduling appointments, treatment planning and walkouts a faster, easier task. Consider creating an exploding code for your new patient appointments, recall appointments, crown treatment plans, SRP, etc.

I like to start my exploding codes with a period (i.e., .SRP), which makes using the codes so much easier. With a leading period, the exploding codes will always be at the top of your service code listing, eliminating the need to search for them, or remember what you named them. Also remember that exploding codes can be attached to your quick pick buttons in the chart, which is a big time saver while treatment planning.

2. Patient Bar Customization

The patient bar is a customizable list of workstation-specific shortcuts available from the treatment plan, account and patient appointment windows. Customize your windows to include the icons you use most frequently and eliminate those you don’t. You can even re-name an icon! I was in an office recently where for the life of her, a staff member could not remember that she went to SmartDoc to scan. To make her life easier, we renamed the SmartDoc icon “Scan” on her workstation. She was thrilled! I love being able to make that much of a difference in someone’s daily life.

3. F5 Shortcut

Remember this rhyme: “F5 keeps the code alive.” Use the F5 keyboard shortcut to reuse a code in the Walkout or Treatment Plan. Simply enter the code once for the first line item and for the next one, hit the F5 button (on your keyboard) while your cursor is in the service code field.

I hope these shortcuts allow you more time to focus on the patient experience in your office and as always, if you have any questions please contact your local Eaglesoft trainer or call one of our fabulous support specialists at 800.475.5036. They are always happy to help!

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  1. Thanks for the info on using F5. This will be helpful especially when sealants are done since there may be 6 – 8 of those done at one visit.

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