A Well-Trained Staff Will Significantly Impact Case Acceptance

Have you ever gone to a professional sporting event? The organization of the event and the staff working it are usually quite impressive. There are ushers to welcome you and show you to your seat in the most efficient way so you aren’t stepping over everyone else. Everything is well orchestrated and rehearsed. Everyone is there to “help you” have the best experience possible. Everyone knows their role. Nothing is left to chance. You have a great experience and can actually enjoy the event you are there to see without worry.

Does your dental team perform at their highest level when doing case presentations and financial discussions? Is everyone comfortable in his or her case acceptance role? Does every person have a part to play in helping the patient accept treatment, or is that viewed as “the dentist’s job” or the “office manager’s job”?

Have a team meeting to discuss what you are currently doing and how that influences patient treatment decisions; then decide what could be done to make it the best experience possible. Take time to practice those experiences and have each team member share their feelings when they were “the patient” and how they felt each step of the way.

Define the case presentation process for the entire team, and role play to ensure that everyone is comfortable in their role and each team member understands and believes in the dentistry recommended. As your team is more comfortable with the process, their role and their understanding of the treatment plan, their comfort and genuine communication will help instill confidence in the patient. As soon as you walk out of the room, the patient might turn to your staff and ask, “What do you think?” Your team member’s first response frequently influences the patient for or against. Indecision in role can be interpreted as indecision about the treatment recommendation.

Be consistent, precise and excited about the possibility of increased case acceptance when communicating with your team. Help them see that you are “doing good while doing good.” Ultimately, dentistry is about helping people. Help your team see that.

Be enthusiastic about the dental opportunities with your patients as they will only be as enthusiastic as you and your team. Your message creates value when patients hear consistent messages from all members of your team. A well-trained staff who understand that everyone on the team impacts case acceptance, and are comfortable with their role, will significantly impact your case acceptance.

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