Wiz Guys Support Customers During COVID-19 and Beyond

Todd Wizner and Ben Wizner, also known as the “Wiz Dental Guys,” are a father-son duo of Patterson reps with knowledge spanning almost 35 years. Todd started as a territory rep in 1986, and Ben in 2018. Their unwavering commitment to their customers has especially shone through as the COVID-19 crisis hit the nation. They knew this was going to have a big impact not only on their personal day-to-day jobs, but also on their core customers’ businesses. Their main message was encouraging customers to be proactive.

“We weren’t necessarily out in the field these last few months,” said Ben. “But we were very active in taking calls and placing orders for them.”

Todd credits Patterson being ahead of the curve as the reason customers turned to them. “We have that relationship and we have been the source of information for so many years – that didn’t change during this time,” said Todd. “Together, we just continued the momentum of helping our customers with whatever they needed – even during the pandemic.”

As offices start to open, the Wiz Guys’ priority is simple – checking in with their core customers. Ben says so much of business is the relationship.

“We want to see them in person and just have a conversation to see how they are doing. I will be asking what’s their most critical need for PPE and where they are most vulnerable. There is a lot trust between the customer and us – a sense of we have gotten you this far, we trust you to help as we start to open up.”

For Todd, working in this industry since the 1980s, these people are a part of his life. It was odd for him not see them on a regular basis and vice versa. Although there will be changes, he thinks the interactions they have at the office will not be one of them.

“The biggest change that I see for dental offices is the clinics being designed differently. An example would be having a glass barrier at the reception desks. Offices will also go through more consumables.”

Ben sees some of the bigger changes happening in the equipment and technology categories. “Technology continues to be a great answer for our customers. We encourage them to have at least one of the ‘key’ solutions such as CAD/CAM or Solea. Single-visit dentistry will limit the amount of times a patient is in the office, as an example. Ultimately, offices will need to adapt and change their workflows.”

“Single-visit dentistry will limit the amount of times a patient is in the office … Ultimately, offices will need to adapt and change their workflows.”

Ben Wizner

Both Todd and Ben have always felt proud to work and be the face of Patterson out in the field, especially during COVID-19. They credit the leadership for being transparent.

“The way Patterson has navigated this speaks to our core values,” says Ben.

They are ready to see customers and help them achieve their goals, whatever those might be. Success looks different to each office, but Todd and Ben will be there – just like they have been during COVID-19. “We have all the resources to provide. Some are from Patterson and others are ones we created ourselves. Customers are turning to us and together we will move forward,” says Todd.

Learn more about Ben and Todd at wizdentalguys.com.

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