3 Local Advertising Options to Consider

Advertising in general is a mixed bag. You have to be present regularly to be noticed. Remember, as my colleague Misty Clark says, your message must be seen, felt, heard or experienced 5 to 7 times before it truly registers. Not only do ads in places like the Yellow Pages get mixed into the muck of everyone else who is practicing in your area, there is no demographic thinking involved and you may be sacrificing your vision of the ideal, lifelong patient for Joe Any-Patient instead.

We want you to get the best possible bang for your buck if you feel advertising is the right marketing avenue for your practice. Here are 3 local advertising options that are a conservative investment while providing a positive ROI.

1. Online

This could be a topic in and of itself! So much of our world is now digital. Your advertising can and needs to be as well. Google Ads, Facebook ads, even your local paper’s online site – these ads can be highly targeted, allow you to create an appropriate budget, and you can make sure when people are online looking for a new dentist – which they are – you will be one of the first they see. If the online world of advertising still feels very foreign to you, have someone on your team do research to find out which outlet is the best fit for you and try it out. Don’t forget – online advertising works best when you are directing them to a great website or an active and engaging Facebook page.

2. Local school and university event programs

This is a great option if you are in a tight-knit community, are interested in attracting families, or are interested in making a strong PR effort in your town. Football, basketball, fine arts programs, etc. This option can be inexpensive and provides a great way to support your community.

3. Sponsorship of local neighborhood programs, fine arts events or fundraisers

Not only are these often eligible for tax deductions, they are a great PR effort for you and, depending on the demographic you are trying to reach, you can narrow down to the interest groups that best fit your practice and have a much better chance of being seen.

I encourage you to take a chance this year with your advertising. Break out of the usual attempts. Try something new. Make a stronger impact in your community and then let me know how it goes.