Four Meaningful Meetings That Grow Your Practice

As a business owner, if you have clearly set your vision in front of your team and received their complete buy-in toward that effort, you are now faced with the sometimes daunting task of keeping them on track, highly trained and inspired toward that common goal. Regular team meetings are one of the best platforms to accomplish this, but as many of us know, these meetings can be grossly mishandled … boring at best and negative gripe sessions at worst. When they work well, meetings can move a team forward quickly by solving problems, refocusing goals, bonding team members, improving productivity and raising the bar on quality and service.

Here are four meaningful meetings I recommend all practices incorporate into their calendars:

  1. Annual Team Strategy Retreat
  2. Employee Growth Conferences
  3. Monthly Team Meetings
  4. Daily Morning Meetings

On December 9, I’ll be discussing how to make these meetings super successful, along with a few organizational and leadership tips to make sure they work for the team as well as the practice. We’ll be breaking them down in terms of purpose, structure and agendas. Don’t miss this informative and fun webinar to learn how to kick off your 2015 with a bang!

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