An office manager with a vision

“So how do you put a geeky germophobe to good use? Make him office manager.”

This is the introduction to Mike Cruz, Office Manager at Dee for Dentist Family & Cosmetic Dental Care, on the practice website. Each team member is featured on the site using fun, quirky descriptions and Cruz’s introduction goes on to explain that his “extensive knowledge of film and pop culture guarantees that awesome movies and great conversation can always be found at Dee for Dentist.”

Cruz opened the Las Vegas, Nevada practice in 2011 with his wife, dentist Dee Dee Meevasin, who patients call Dr. Dee Dee and Cruz refers to as “Doc.” The couple started the practice with the goal of creating an amazing patient experience and it just so happens that they’ve had a lot of fun along the way. Everything from the modern, bright apple-green and grey décor to the coffee bar, the movies playing throughout the office, the latest technology and the creative messaging is part of the brand that Cruz helped build – a brand that revolves around fun.

Cruz and Dr. Dee Dee balance each other out nicely. As the office manager, Cruz oversees daily tasks and ensures that team members have everything they need so that Dr. Dee Dee can focus on patient care. “Doc and I have a vision together,” he explained. “Her focus is more on the practice in terms of treatment and things like that. I kind of get to steer the technology. Seeing what makes sense,figuring out how to incorporate it and make it work, then coming up with how we can integrate it with the team to make sure it’s seamless. I set the course and get out of the way,” he added.

To learn more about how Office Manager Mike Cruz is helping set the course for the future of the practice, watch the full story here.

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