8 Common Mistakes Managers Make (Part 8)

Mistake #8 – Failing to Make the Tough Decisions

As the leader of your business, there are many people counting on you. There are some problems that only you, as the leader, can solve, and they simply will not get better until you address them; in fact, they will likely get worse. You owe it to your team to take action. Perhaps the “deadliest” of all leadership sins is inaction. Dealing with conflict, managing employee performance and managing through tough economic times necessitate timely and decisive leadership. Making a quick decision without knowing all the facts can make the problem worse, as can over-analyzing the problem and letting it drag out. One must find balance in making informed decisions and making timely decisions. Create a process to solve the problem, but don’t let the process become the problem.

To paraphrase General George S. Patton: A good plan executed today is better than a perfect plan executed tomorrow.