Comfort’s Role in the Ideal Patient Experience

For Nicole Mathewson, the patient experience starts with comfort.

Nicole, office manager at Hadfield Dental Care in Lehi, Utah, sees many patients who approach visits to the dentist with some level of anxiety. Making them comfortable has been a focus at Hadfield Dental, and it’s made an impact on everyone – patients and staff.

Before taking over as office manager, Nicole was a dental assistant and saw the importance of ensuring patient comfort. That shaped her philosophy and led her to turn to Patterson Dental. Patterson’s partnership helped her identify ways the practice could function more smoothly to help patients be more comfortable and staff be more fulfilled.

Helping patients’ inner beauty be reflected through their smiles is something the entire staff talks about. And Nicole said that’s what makes it more than just a job. Watch this video to see her story. Then, share yours today.

Together, we all have the power to change lives, one smile at a time.

2 thoughts on “Comfort’s Role in the Ideal Patient Experience

  1. You presented good points Nicole. I am probably not presenting a new suggestion, but I always try to pacify nervous patients, or not so nervous patients, by finding commonalities with them. It can seem like small talk, but it goes a long way. I always start out with, “where did you grow up?”, or “what do you do for work?” Keeping the focus on them seems to allay their fears and divert their attention from the dentistry.

    Keep on doing the great work team!

  2. Wonderful to hear Nicole’s points about recognizing patient anxiety levels, and working to provide comfort.
    At Aeroscensa, we are working with Patterson to deliver clinically proven aromatherapy, designed to reduce anxiety in dental environments. We’ve seen that it really helps take the edge of patients as they wait to see their dentist.

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