Social Media Manager for Dentistry − Sample Job Description

sample job description for dental social media position

The role of social media manager is fast becoming a practice standard. Is your practice positioned to succeed? As social media becomes more accepted as a long-term communication tool − not just a short-term marketing tactic − many practices are implementing internal community managers.

Many of our readers have requested examples of social media management competencies and skills specific to the dental industry. Below is a sample job description. Special thanks to Ginny Hegarty, Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and Dental Management Consultant, for her assistance in creating this thorough example!

Job Title: Social Media Manager for Dentistry

Job Summary: Internal social media community manager must possess the ability to make favorable impressions upon the social media community − patients, referring doctors, business partners and followers.

Qualifications: Individual must possess the ability to perform each of the key competencies as well as possess knowledge, skills and abilities below:

Key Competencies:

  • Individual is friendly, attentive, positive, self-motivated and professional, and possesses excellent communication skills and a social customer service mindset
  • Strong communicator to keep doctors, managers and team updated and content coordinated
  • Strong time-management and self-discipline skills
  • Enjoys networking and growing relationships to represent and support the practice goals
  • Natural affinity to keep informed of social media changes and new opportunities
  • Committed to responding promptly and consistently to patient and follower questions and comments

Knowledge / Skills / Ability:

  • Knowledge of and effectiveness with English composition, grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Knowledge of or openness to learning advanced marketing principles such as branding and online reputation management
  • Knowledge to perform all aspects of social media marketing including community development, monitoring and management
  • Knowledge of and ability to adhere to HIPAA regulations
  • Possesses the ability to utilize editorial calendar and content planning systems
  • Strong aptitude for working with dynamic digital tools
  • Ability to communicate and express thoughts and ideas competently
  • Ability to establish and strengthen trust and relationships with patients through social media
  • Ability to prioritize, organize and complete tasks in a timely and independent manner
  • Ability to network with relevant business partners and organizations in the community as an advocate of the practice
  • Ability to regularly track and monitor results on all social media sites
  • Ability to interpret results of all monitors and make recommendations for adjustments in strategy to the office manager and doctor/owner

Special Requirements or Certifications:

  • Familiarity with social media is a plus; technical skills can be taught.
  • Knowledge of basic computer skills is required.

Once you customize this job description to fit your practice, you’ll need to be smart about how and where you recruit. Take a look at this OffTheCusp piece on how to leverage social media platforms to recruit top talent!

If your practice isn’t yet in a position to be able to bring on a social community manager full-time, take a look at the social media management capabilities of Patterson’s RevenueWell service, which many of our customers take advantage of.

Are you a social media community manager for your practice? Is there a part of your job description not shown above that you would add? Let us know in the comments below!

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