Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014

If you’re a frequent reader of Off The Cusp, then you’ll know we cover a lot of topics and hear from a lot of different contributors who have a huge range of experiences in the dental industry. I manage this blog, and was curious to find out what topics you were reading about the most in 2014. Below are the 10 most popular blog posts we made this year – revisit your favorites, or check out some that you missed!

10. Social Media Manager for Dentistry – Sample Job Description, by Rita Zamora of Rita Zamora Connections

9. Effective Dental Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Start Online…, by Jack Hadley of My Social Practice

8. Bur Finder Makes Your Search Fast and Easy, by Eric Cason of Patterson Dental

7. HIPAA Compliance: Next Round of Audits Postponed – but Beware, by Linda Harvey of the Linda Harvey Group

6. Learning about Dental Marketing from a Bucket of Ice, by Jack Hadley of My Social Practice

5. Going Paperless? Put These Advanced SmartDoc Features to Work, by Jenny Allen of Patterson Dental

4. AADOM Conference Scholarship Winners Selected, by Tim Rogan of Patterson Dental

3. Managing Patient Benefits in Eaglesoft, by Jenny Allen of Patterson Dental

2. So What’s a CEREC Guide?, by Dr. August de Oliveira of

1. The Proof Is in the Pilot: Comparing the Pilot Path to the Screw Access on an e.max Abutment Crown, by Dr. August de Oliveira of

So there you have it. What do you think – were these the dental topics important to you and your practice this year, or were there other top-of-mind subjects you were focused on? Maybe your practice has its own blog – what topics were popular for you this year? Let us know in the comments!

We’re looking forward to another year of great blog posts from knowledgeable dental professionals. And with that, let’s bring in the New Year – cheers!