Changing Lives from Day One

A young dentist breaking out of dental school and into the profession has plenty to worry about. A partnership with Patterson Dental can help ease some of those concerns.

That’s what Dr. Randal Hadfield discovered as he prepared to launch his first practice. A second-generation dentist, Dr. Hadfield said he received one piece of advice from his father about his career: Choose Patterson.

Patterson Dental’s focus is on helping practices succeed by truly partnering with them. That became very apparent to Dr. Hadfield as soon as he started working with his Patterson team. From his first practice in downtown Salt Lake City to his current location in the suburb of Lehi, Utah, he has watched his practice grow. He attributes much of that growth to his relationship with Patterson.

At the end of the day, Dr. Hadfield feels he is responsible for keeping his patients safe and healthy. For everything in the middle, he relies on Patterson. Watch this video to see Dr. Hadfield’s story. Then, if you want, share yours.

Together, we all have the power to change lives, one smile at a time.