Eaglesoft SnapShot

There are always tools, apps and software to assist you with your day-to-day tasks and events. I have an app that tracks my spending and sends me notifications of where I’m at with my accounts and my spending trends. One specific tool in Eaglesoft is designed to track how many patient visits you have had during the month and will graph what your production and collection trend is. This is a gem. It’s something I review with every office. It’s called “SnapShot.”

SnapShot is designed to showcase what’s currently trending in your office. For example, your production and collection ratio. In fact, if you select “Graph Method” you will be able to view multiple months or a specific month to see how it compares to your current month. This is a wonderful tool to assist in office meetings. There are four main items to view:

  • Current Monthly Total
  • Production/Collection > View this month or various months
  • Patient Production > How many patients visited your office during the selected range of months?
  • Accounts Receivable > Depending on the “what” you select under “Graph Method” you will view your trend of A/R in your practice

Access SnapShot from the Activities menu and Practice Management or add it to your toolbar. I hope I’ve given you the gem that I see SnapShot being for your practice. If you have any questions about SnapShot, please call the Patterson Technology Center at 800.475.5036. Our aim is to help you become as efficient as possible and bring to light some very useful tools like SnapShot.