Eaglesoft Tip of the Month – What Is the Credit Distribution Audit Trail?

With the addition of Line Item Accounting in Eaglesoft 16, and the ability to assign, unassign and reassign credits, the Credit Distribution Audit Trail was added to track these changes.

The Credit Distribution Audit Trail report will show all credits that were not only posted and distributed during the selected date range, but also those credits that were redistributed; this is especially important in a multi-provider practice. You can easily tell by looking at this report where a credit has been assigned in the past (light gray text) and where it is currently assigned (black text). This report shows these changes in chronological order.

Scenario: Office with multiple providers, tracking collections for each provider

  • Patient pre-pays a week before services are done (ex: 1/30/13). The payment is distributed to Dr. A
  • The collections reconciliation report generated during end of day (EOD) on 1/30/13 will show the payment distributed to Dr. A
  • When the patient comes in the following week (ex: 2/5/13) the services are actually performed by Dr. B. The pre- payment that was previously distributed to Dr. A is redistributed to Dr. B

Because no money was collected “today” the amount redistributed does not appear on today’s collections reconciliation report (ex: 2/5/13). The payment is still present on the collections reconciliation report from last week (1/30/13). The redistributed amount will, however, appear on today’s Credit Distribution Audit Trail report. To ensure this report is generated daily go to File │ Preferences │ Printing tab and check the box next to “Credit Dist Audit Trail”.

In addition, if the redistribution of a credit moves a credit from one provider to the other after an EOD has been processed, offices will see this in parentheses and red in color on the collections reconciliation report, if it is filtered for Other Range of Dates. Offices that pay providers on collections should filter this report for accurate totals.

If you have any questions regarding the Credit Distribution Audit Trail or Date Based Reporting in Eaglesoft 16, please contact a member of our outstanding support team at 800.475.5036. You can also review documentation and webinars on our FAQ site, 24 hours a day from anywhere!