Finding work-life balance

Doctors Steven Ozer and Anne Norris-Ozer built their thriving Manhattan Beach, Calif., dental practice, Beach Teeth, while raising three sons who are now ages 22, 24 and 26. When their first son was just six months old, the Ozers hired a consultant to help with the business side of their dental practice. The consultant identified tasks that were being duplicated and found ways that the Ozers could work more efficiently.

“The message was clear,” said Steven. “If you want to be with your children when they’re growing up, you need to rearrange your schedule and work more efficiently while you’re at the office. It was the most important thing that was said and we took it to heart. That advice set the foundation for the way we practice,” he said.

The Ozers implemented a schedule that was based on production, began working alternating days, streamlined staff responsibilities, and found a method that allowed them to work less, while being more productive. They say that having a good team, including hygienists, assistants and neighboring specialists, has helped them run the practice smoothly. “It’s like they’re part of our family,” said Steven. “Everybody works efficiently and we can almost always expedite a patient when necessary.”

The implementation of Eaglesoft further added to their productivity and efficiency because of the accessibility, templates, color-coding of rooms and procedures, and the elimination of charts. The Ozers are grateful for the time management lessons they learned years ago and say that these lessons were fundamental to their professional growth.

To learn more about how time management has helped the Ozers work more efficiently, watch the full story here.

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