Gain Competitive Advantage with Click to Consult from OnTrack®

It’s like having a consultant at your side,
readily available at a moment’s notice.


With a single click of your mouse or tap on your mobile or tablet touchscreen, OnTrack’s Click to Consult function allows you and your entire team instant, anytime access to the latest information, education and development tools available.

Based upon Mercer Advisors’ 26 years of consulting and practice growth experience, OnTrack’s Click to Consult virtual consultant provides the following benefits:

  • Doctors can access action plans for presenting large cases, establishing financial arrangements or facilitating an optimized morning team meeting
  • Office Managers can access development and best practice resources to support new hire training initiatives or enhance the performance of established team members
  • Hygienists can access scripts, techniques and data that can help to increase a patient’s likeliness of keeping a hygiene appointment or to communicate more effectively a specific periodontal need
  • Clinical Assistants can access communication and coaching guides for Intraoral Camera and CAESY utilization
  • Each team member can access educational and personal development resources through the extensive Mercer Advisors consulting library – a very cost/time effective conduit for team-based continuing education

Create a workplace environment that is fun, challenging and committed to personal development and you will see a reduction in turnover and an increase in energy levels.  Enriched team members not only reflect skill naturally, but also exude passion and commitment to patients. A patient who can feel your team’s excitement and passion won’t go anywhere else. Bring this competitive edge to your practice with OnTrack – its Click to Consult resources are readily available for your growth and success. Go to today to learn more about OnTrack’s complimentary 30-day trial offer.