We know you run a busy, fast-paced office and your time is valuable. That is why we provide you the tools necessary to streamline processes and improve efficiency. One of those valuable tools is Intellicare. Intellicare alerts are designed to increase your recare efficiency and there is no limit to the number of Intellicare alerts you can set up.

The Intellicare feature gives you the ability to create reminders about patient care or records. You set the criteria and Eaglesoft looks for patients who meet the criteria and automatically assigns Intellicare alerts to those patients. The best part is you choose when and where you want to see these alerts. You can choose pop-ups or icons and tell Eaglesoft exactly when and where you wish these to appear. It’s truly a “set it and forget it” feature. My favorite kind!

Here are a few examples of my favorite Intellicare alerts:

  • Missing Email reminder. Create an Intellicare to notify the staff that the patient is missing an email address. You can use the icon on the patient’s appointment for a quick visual reminder.
  • Birthday reminder. Never miss a birthday again! It’s happened to me on many occasions; I’ll walkout the patient and a few minutes later realize their birthday is just a few days away. Oops! How cool would it be to see balloons on the appointment alerting you that the patient’s birthday is near? This can be accomplished with Intellicare.
  • Recare reminder. Create an Intellicare to notify staff that the patient does not have their next recare appointment scheduled. A great visual reminder on the patient’s appointment or on the clinical virtual screen would allow staff members to quickly and easily identify these patients.
  • Account Balance Overdue reminder. Never overlook an old balance again. Create an alert to notify you when encountering a patient who has an overdue balance. This way, even if the staff member never opens up the account window they will be alerted and can ask the patient for their balance.

Fun reminders (like the birthday balloons icon) are a great way to enhance your patient’s experience while practical reminders like ‘overdue for recare visit’ or ‘portion of account balance over 90 days’ help your staff stay on track. These reminders can be set quickly and easily and will constantly work in the background to improve your practice lifestyle by identifying patients who meet the selected criteria.

Is your office using Intellicare? If not, I encourage you to give it a try and see what all the buzz is about!