Plan for an Amazing Day – Tips for a Successful Morning Meeting

Planning your day for maximum productivity is an important task for everyone. At home and at work, successful days begin with the end in mind. Dedicating time for a quick meeting each morning allows us to plan and prioritize the often-hectic day ahead. A successful morning meeting sets the direction that not only guides our day, but also allows us to remain in control of it.

My goal as a trainer is to offer guidance and direction in software utilization and help offices become more productive. You should be able to see on the daily schedule what needs to be accomplished without having to do too much digging or report pulling.

Here are my Eaglesoft tips to help you review your agenda items quickly and efficiently:

  1. Set up custom provider goals.
  2. View the scheduled vs. goal information daily. Add the “Goals” icon to your toolbar, if it isn’t there already.
  3. Review the month at a glance window (MAAG or the “M” button on your toolbar) daily. This will show you exactly what was produced yesterday and what is scheduled for today and tomorrow. This view is also useful for seeing how many appointments are scheduled, how many new patients you have and how close you are to reaching your goals each day.
  4. Color-code your appointments so every staff member, at a glance, knows what’s going on. Use bright yellow for new patients, red for emergencies, coral for perio maintenance, etc.
  5. Use the OnSchedule notes area for copay or payment arrangement information.
  6. Set up your schedule to show icons for pre-med, medical alerts, patient arrival and lab cases. A quick glance at the schedule should tell you who is in the waiting room, who has been seated and if anyone is running late. Hint: Create patient alerts for comfort aids so these will be visible on the schedule as well!
  7. Create IntelliCare Alerts for everything! This is something you can set and forget. Let Eaglesoft do the work for you!
  • Account alerts
  • Patient birthday
  • Missing patient information (i.e., cell phone, email addresses)
  • Recare due reminders
  • X-rays due reminders
  • Outstanding treatment plan items
  • Updated health history due reminders

Put Eaglesoft to work for you and discover the possibilities today! If you need help getting started, please reach out to your local Patterson Technology Advisor for assistance. We are always happy to help!