Invisalign Marketing Materials For Social Media

One of the things that I really love about my job is the opportunity I have to visit face-to-face with so many dentists, orthodontists, and team members around the country. This last week I spoke at the Southwest Dental Conference in Dallas, did a social media workshop in Washington D.C., and met with a great group of Smile Source dentists in Houston.

As I visit with practices, one of the marketing challenges we often talk about is how to better educate patients and prospective new patients about available services. Believe it or not, many of your patients are not aware of the scope of services you provide. Yes, they know that they visit your practice twice a year for checkups. And yes, they understand that if they have a toothache, or need a filling, you can help.

Beyond that, many of the additional services you provide are typically not top-of-mind for them. And because you’re busy running your practice, marketing those services often takes a back seat to more pressing duties.

Use Social Media To Promote Your Services—Including Invisalign!

Download these free, Invisalign marketing materials:Invisalign marketing materials

Social media marketing can help you educate patients and prospective new patients. And the most effective place for social media marketing to start is inside your practice—not online!

Your team members are well connected to your patients and serve as some of your greatest advocates. When they talk about the things you do, they help spread the good word. And as you know, photos published to social media accounts are an effective way to do that.

Blog posts about your services are also great ways to educate. Plus, a well-optimized blog post can become a powerful SEO tool for your practice.

Other Ideas For Promoting Invisalign Inside A Practice?

What other tactics are you using to promote your services—including Invisalign—through social media channels? Please share with us below. Not a single one of us is as smart as all of us. Thanks!


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    1. This is great, Dr. Medina! This kind of “storytelling” is great marketing strategy.

      One other little suggestion… When you do a great post like this one on your website, be sure to do one or both of these 2 things. Create a Facebook post as well, and boost the post to your 453 Likes and their friends. Maybe spend $5 or $10. Second, email your patient base and either drive them to the page on your website OR drive them to your FB post, thereby end-running FB’s pay gate. Here’s how:

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