Effective Dental Social Media Marketing DOESN’T Start Online…

Sound crazy?! Doesn’t social media take place online?! Hold on, Bucky… I’m getting there!

…It Starts In Your Practice!

That’s right. Effective dental social media marketing doesn’t start online—it starts in your practice! And it starts with your team! Then, it moves online.

Have you ever considered why your dental practice is a marketer’s dream? How many businesses enjoy the expectation that their customers (or in our case, patients) voluntarily come by and spend an hour in your business twice a year? It’s an AWESOME opportunity to strengthen relationships—but then, even more importantly, to enable THEM to willingly share YOUR practice story with THEIR OWN trusted, highly-scalable, permission-based social networks.

It’s Easy To Start TODAY!

Here at My Social Practice, we refer to these in-practice efforts as building online momentum “from the outside, in” (or from the inside, out, depending on your perspective).

Today, many patients will walk through your door with their smartphone in their pocket or purse. However, it’s important to have a close-at-hand, in-practice device such as an iPad, digital camera, or smartphone that your team can use (or patients can use) to upload, share, Like, subscribe and comment online.

It’s also important to train your team by doing a little role playing during your team meetings. Help team members feel comfortable talking to patients about your social media efforts. Typically, patients are MORE than happy to help you out when they’re approached the right way.


You Can Download And Print Your Own Free Social Signs!

Have your team members use the signs below to break the ice, spark conversations, and create interest in your social media efforts face-to-face. The positive energy that comes from these interactions inside your practice is contagious!

Download the Signs!

After you’ve downloaded the signs and used them for a while, let us know how it goes! What tactics did you find most successful in using them? Please share in the comments section below so we can all learn!

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