Mind Your [Chairside] Manners: 3 Ways Eaglesoft Increases Patient Loyalty

Mind Your [Chairside] MannersSavvy business owners know that it costs a whole lot more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. That’s why patient retention is one of the most important metrics for a dental office. Focusing on improving your patients’ satisfaction can help increase the number of clients who return to your office – and can even result in more patient referrals.

Earning a loyal customer base can be as simple as showing patients that you care not only about their oral health, but about their personal lives as well. But with hundreds of patients walking through your doors every month, remembering small personal details for each patient is virtually impossible. That’s where practice management software becomes your new best friend. Just like your BFF, this helpful software has your back. Here are three ways that Eaglesoft practice management software functions as your loyal partner, and the benefits your bottom line will reap along with them:


1. Greet Patients With a “Happy Birthday!”

Recognizing that it’s a special day for your patient shows them that they are a priority for your office. Maybe it’s not a birthday, but an anniversary or graduation. No problem! Eaglesoft Intellicare addresses those as well. Simply set up automated alerts for just about anything – all you have to do is establish what you’d like to track.

Besides special days and occasions, alerts are available for things like missing x-rays, or a patient that is behind on payments. Pop-up style automated reminders are very easy to program, so any member of your staff can navigate this feature with ease.


2. Find Out What’s New in Patients’ Lives – Then Document It

carefully listening to your patientsThe typical patient visits your office twice a year. A lot can happen between visits, including forgetting what you talked about the last time you cleaned their teeth. Recalling that they were just starting to look at houses or were thinking about changing jobs shows that you are listening and are interested in them. Transform your chairside experience from a teeth cleaning to a chat with a trusted friend – that’s one of the real keys to creating loyalty.

We recommend using the Eaglesoft Patient Memo feature to document these highlights of your patient’s personal life. Again, navigating this feature is super easy – and you’ll be mighty glad for the reminders when your patient comes back in six months!


3. Provide a Consistent & Pleasant Patient Experience Every Time

Every patient is different. Some have allergies, some need detailed explanations about every procedure, and some don’t like having the chair leaned back all the way. If patients find themselves repeating these requests every time they visit, they’ll start getting the impression that you aren’t paying attention.

With Eaglesoft’s patient alerts feature, you can include custom visual icons on a patient’s digital chart so that every person in your office has access to that client’s preferences. Does the patient gag easily? With the visual icon prominently displayed, your entire team will know and be properly prepared. Patients will be deeply impressed that you, or even another team member that they have never received care from, know to give them special treatment without having to be prompted.

Building patient loyalty definitely takes time, just like those cherished friendships you most enjoy. The most successful practices provide exceptional dental care AND excellent chairside manners. Start utilizing your practice management software to set yourself apart and go above and beyond when it comes to cultivating meaningful communication with your patients.

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  1. All very good suggestions and tools that Eaglesoft provides. We especially make use of patient alerts a lot as its a very important tool that provider could use to pay attention to patient’s medical conditions before providing any service.

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