Motivation in the Workplace

If it was easy, everyone would do it!

How awesome it would be if every task we are responsible for truly was easy? If little to no effort was required to do our jobs. We would get up in the morning, our day perfectly planned out and set up to check off all of the boxes on our “to do” list − meetings, reports, schedules. Everything would actually get done with ease and not a single challenge. We would walk through the doors of the office each day and see enthusiastic, satisfied staff members who are always willing to give 110% − that would certainly be the icing on the cake! That would be great, but yet, not reality. Reality will take you down some bumpy roads and not only you, but your staff. As a leader, you are tasked with developing strong, motivational habits among your staff members to keep momentum running high. So now, you need to find a way to create these habits  not only for them, but also for you.

Listed below are some ways to start creating motivation in the workplace:

1. Comfortable Work Environment

Start by evaluating the working environment – Is it clean? Is it functional? Does everyone have the resources to make their day run smoothly? Is the lighting adequate (chairs, space, other physical factors of the environment)? Small adjustments that are made to one’s working area can make a huge impact and can be a motivating factor in productivity output at the end of the day. The culture in your office plays a role as well when speaking of a comfortable work environment.

2. Appreciation

Show your appreciation to your staff members by celebrating a job well done. A thank you email or an announcement in a meeting acknowledging one’s hard work will go a long way. Recognizing value will not only bring self-awareness to that particular individual, but will also motivate others to work hard and look for well-earned recognition for themselves.  Encourage peer appreciation – a pat on the back from a co-worker is extremely meaningful and powerful.

3. Employee Development

What are your staff’s goals? Where do they want to be in the company two years from now? These are critical things for you to know as their leader. You can help them achieve these goals by putting a development plan in place. To create a motivational habit, you need to follow up on this plan and adjust accordingly.

4. Have Fun

We spend a lot of time with our co-workers, so know what makes them happy – outside of work. Make sure to smile and laugh once in a while!

The physical environment and the culture in your office play a role in motivating your team members. Be aware that motivating factors will be different for everyone. The best thing that you can do as a leader is find out what those are and build on them.