Simplifying Endodontics with Technology

Every endodontist has two words working against them before a patient even sets foot in the dental practice: “root canal”. With a patient base that is often unfamiliar with him and nearly always apprehensive about the work he’ll perform, endodontist Dr. Garrett Morris has his work cut out for him.

Such is life as a specialist. When patients come to Endodontic Specialists in Metairie, La., the first step for Dr. Morris is usually to relieve their anxiety. Technology from Patterson Dental helps. “Having the best technology makes patients feel comfortable that we’re going to give them the best possible care,” he said.

Once he’s relieved some of his patients’ anxiety, he’s then able to work to relieve their pain. And that’s what gives him the most satisfaction about his job. Seeing the transformation from an anxious patient to a relieved patient is what he loves about endodontics.

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