Discover New Possibilities with The Money Finder

One question I typically ask my customers during a training session is “How often do you query your database to produce a precise list of patients?” I then go on to explain how powerful the data we collect is and how I can show them some quick ideas to put that data to good use. If I’m met with that deer in the headlights stare, I know I need to show them how to use The Money Finder! This feature, although incredibly intuitive and illuminating, is often underutilized by offices. The Money Finder is a great place to begin looking for opportunities with your most valuable asset, your existing patients!

So what is The Money Finder? Simply put, it’s a reporting method. It queries your Eaglesoft patient base, using a variety of preset categories, and produces a list of patients who meet your pre-defined criteria. It gives you the flexibility of allowing you to choose your own criteria as well, an extremely effective feature when marketing to your existing patient base.

To access The Money Finder from your Eaglesoft front desk screen go to:

Activities > Practice Management > The Money Finder

At the top of the screen you will see the ‘Categories’ menu. Choose one of these pre-set categories to begin your search. The Money Finder performs its function by accessing a variety of areas in your system such as:

  • Patient Appointment Status
  • Patient Insurance Status
  • Patient Treatment Plan Status

Imagine the possibilities! Here is a sample of what the preset criteria will give you:

Maximize Insurance

Filters for patients with insurance, at least $200.00 in remaining benefits and who have been seen in the last 2 years.

Treatment Plan Short Notice List

Filters for patients with insurance, at least $200.00 in remaining benefits, have been seen in the last 2 years, marked as short notice and have a specific planned service in their treatment plan (Maybe a crown? You choose the service).

Current Due, Unscheduled

Filters for patients seen in the last 2 years, due for recall in the next 30 days, but do not have a scheduled preventive appointment.

Any of the preset fields can be modified. For example, maybe you are looking to schedule some high production work. You can modify the remaining benefits field and change it from $200.00 to $500.00. Think of the preset category as your starting point and further modify to best fit the needs of your practice.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the preset categories and using The Money Finder, expand your horizons and start customizing your searches. You can use service codes for even greater efficiency. Here are a few more examples:

  • Patients scheduled this week who have never had a comprehensive exam
  • Patients who have started but not completed perio treatment
  • Patients who have had a completed root canal but lack a completed crown

The Money Finder is also a great tool for patient follow-up. Do you ever use the ‘Recall Note’ filed in the edit patient screen? The Money Finder report will allow you to generate a list of patients who all have the same recall note. For example, enter ‘PERIO’ in the recall note field and you can quickly generate a list of patients who meet this criteria and easily send them a promotion or an interesting article that you have read. Maybe it’s ‘INV’ to follow up on all the Invisalign you have proposed?

As you can see, the possibilities are nearly endless! Perform your search and then either print your patient list or export it to InContact where you can generate mass letters, postcards, mailing labels or even just use it as a call list.

Please feel free to reach out to our support team or a local Technology Advisor if you need assistance. We are always happy to help you improve your patient experience and practice lifestyle!