Pay by Credit Card

The online world continues to evolve at extraordinary rates. In fact, according to, over 70 new domain names are registered every minute. Trying to keep up is enough to cause your brain to go into a state of information overload. We know your top priority is providing excellent dental care to your patients. To make things easy, we’ve decided to share some of the logic behind the creation of some of the key features of our new website.

Just last week, we launched the ability to make payments to your Patterson account with a credit card on We’ve heard you asking for this feature for quite some time and we are pleased to let you know it is finally here. With this feature, you can store credit card or bank account information securely within your Patterson account and then use that same information toward future payments and purchases.

In the online world, convenience is key. The ability to make payments online might be something your dental patients are looking for on your website and could decrease the number of accounts you need to send to collections. If you are considering adding this feature, be aware of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requirements. To visit their website and learn more, click here.