Reporting and My Account

Technology is constantly evolving, making things faster and easier. Many of the technologies we use every day didn’t even exist or were at best in their infancy just 10 years ago. It is a very exciting time to be in business because technology has made it possible for us to merge several time-consuming tasks. Watch these videos to learn how to manage your Patterson account with one easy-to-use dashboard.



The best part of evolving technologies is that it has become so easy for everyone to get involved and adapt technology to fit their own needs. While the videos above show some key features of Patterson accounts, there are several ways you could use this idea on your own site. It might be helpful for your dental patients to view treatments they’ve had, when their bill has been paid and any outstanding balance, or to make payments to their account online. It also might be helpful to your dental office staff if patients could manage their contact information right from your website. With technology, the possibilities are endless.