Social Media Photos Can Express Appreciation and Help Practices Grow

We monitor, analyze and obsess over dental marketing posts all day long. The goal? To determine what content is most effective in helping practices thrive. We learn a lot – and we’re passionate about sharing what we learn with the dental industry, and implementing what we learn for our clients.

Practices Loving Patients and Patients Loving Practices

Show Gratitude

The Ancient Greek storyteller Aesop said, “Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.” The benefits that result from expressing gratitude can extend well beyond having a noble soul to real business growth – and social media provides the perfect vehicle for such expression. We can never express our gratitude too often to patients.

The cool thing is, it works both ways! Your valued patients are your biggest fans and many are happy and willing to express how much they appreciate you through their own social media accounts! You just need to give them the opportunity, and make it easy.

Social Media Photos Can Express Appreciation and Help Practices Grow

Upload your practice’s logo and our design team will create and customize this Social Sign™ for you for free – then, we’ll email it to you as a PDF file that you can print from your printer and use in your own practice.

Encourage Patients to Post to Their Own Accounts, Tagging Your Practice

Social media photos posted on your practice’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts are great, but a photo shot with a patient’s phone and posted to his or her account is even better. Go for both to increase the reach of your content. Use a simple consent form when you post, but it’s not needed when they post.

Give thanks. Show appreciation. It feels great and it’s smart business. And don’t be shy about letting your patients help you raise top-of-mind awareness and spread the good word about your practice. A picture really is worth a thousand words.