Stay True to You

Last Wednesday my Branch Manager, Joe Pennisi, and I represented Patterson Dental at San Jose State University’s Spring Job Fair. We aimed to attract charismatic, motivated applicants, and found it a great opportunity to talk about Patterson’s commitment to customer satisfaction and interpersonal relationships.

As the first student approached our table, I found myself remembering a similar scene three months earlier, when I first sat across a desk from Joe and interviewed for my current position. As I learned while on the job hunt, a successful employment search requires hard work, determination, vision and passion. However, the most important aspect of any successful campaign lies in your ability to recognize, learn and grow from the experiences of your life that make you who you are.

Whether beginning a career search, matriculating through a university system, or opening a small business, our most valuable contributions come in the form of the experience acquired through lessons learned on our extremely unique paths. They say that the only way to make good decisions is by having experience, and that the only way to acquire experience is by making poor decisions. We rely on our mistakes to make better decisions in the future. We learn. We refine.

By taking the time to subscribe to and read this piece, you are currently demonstrating your commitment to learning and growth. Ambition like yours inspires big dreams, and big challenges nearly always separate you from your big dreams. Move through challenges confidently, with the faith that the cumulative sum of your life-experiences arms you with the knowledge, ingenuity and moral compass to eliminate those challenges when they stand in your way.

To openly admit that your life is really all about you, may, initially, seem obvious, if not completely narcissistic. However, at the heart of every challenge, only you possess the power to never give up, to work harder and to will yourself to create your vision in the face of defeat. Embrace your vision, explore yourself to determine clear goals, values, and direction, and fueled by passion for your vision, move confidently towards your dreams.

8 thoughts on “Stay True to You

  1. An inspiring and well written piece.
    I’m looking forward to working with
    you Kevin!

  2. Completely inspiring Kevin and very well said. This is exactly the type of individuals that Patterson needs to attract….individuals that continue to have passion & fire to meet and exceed their dreams of any type. Individuals who look at stagnant in the face and blow right by it! Individuals who know that stagnant is completely unacceptable. This is what will allow Patterson to continue its’ growth and our team to continue to grow. Thank you for the inspiring words!!

  3. Kevin is my co-worker and he is fantastic.
    Kevin, that is a great inspirational article you wrote!!!!
    Great Job Kevin!!

  4. Great article, great message! This is my first visit to Off the Cusp. I’ll definitely be back.

  5. Kevin I knew you were special from day 1! Beautifully expressed & so happy you are on our team, thank you Kevin from Heaven!!!!!!!!


  6. What an inspriing message! I am glad that Patterson has aquired your unique qualities. We love working with Patterson and it is because of the wonderful team they put together. Kudos Kevin! We miss you lots!

  7. Patterson chose wisely when it extended its arms to welcome you to the team. Your words are such an inspiration and feel compelled to share with you what an asset I believe you are to our team. Branch 436 is “home” for us and I KNOW that you will make a difference with everyone you touch. Keep sharing your words, wisdom and keep the PASSION ignited within and you it will pay dividends. Keep up the GREAT work!

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