Vision Enhancement

As the art of dentistry continues to advance, so are the tools available for you to enhance your vision, while also reducing the risk of discomfort or pain that can often develop over years of practice.

Dental loupes are now considered a standard piece of equipment for today’s dentist and dental hygienist.   As you expect your MD to use a stethoscope, your patients now expect you to be wearing loupes.

Loupes provide greater visual acuity at a focal distance with increased accuracy and effectiveness of treatment, while providing ergonomic benefits including an improved posture with less head, neck, back, and shoulder fatigue.

If you are ready to give loupes a test drive for the first time, or are interested in upgrading your current ones – now is a great time.

Patterson Dental  now exclusively offers the latest high-performance loupe optics from SheerVision who have teamed with Under Armour Performance Eyewear to provide custom loupes manufactured to your specific requirements.

Talk about strong teamwork – when Under Armour’s strong yet lightweight eyewear is matched with SheerVision’s exceptional optics the results is the lightest, highest -performance loupes in the game.

All SheerVision loupe optics offer an expanded field-of-view, razor-sharp clarity, and exceptional depth-of-field.  Under Armour Performance Eyewear features durable yet super-lightweight frames, all with distortion-free lenses that are 10x stronger than polycarbonate.

When matched with a SheerVision portable headlight system, you will be amazed at what you can see.  Using the latest in LED technology, SheerVision’s headlights provide a bright, white, and shadow-free light.  Stop continuously adjusting your overhead light.   Have light aimed exactly where you need it.

Known for their class-leading intensity, superior beam uniformity, and their “smart” batteries SheerVision’s lights can’t be beat.  We offer the choice of either the V-RAY with 9,000 foot candles of powerful light, or the Ultra mini which offers 4,000 foot candles with a barely noticeable weight of just 1/10 of an ounce.

You can take advantage of these great advances in vision enhancement by speaking with your representative and arranging for an in-office demonstration of these great loupes and lights from SheerVision & Under Armour.

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