Accomplishment…Minus Showmanship

Taken from the August 1954 issue of Patterson’s monthly news publication, PHC Newswheel Digest:

Accomplishment … minus showmanship

                 The reputation which this organization enjoys is not something that it created for itself. Our reputation was actually created for us by those with whom we have been in daily contact over the period of 76 years. They created that reputation only after we had already demonstrated our interest in dentists and dentistry and proved that interest by providing, in addition to products of the highest quality, new standards of service and usefulness.

                 Every person in this organization recognizes that we protect that reputation only as we continue, as in the past, to provide protection for the reputation of our customers. Every person in our organization recognizes that your reputation is protected only as we continue to provide the best in materials, equipment and teeth.


We have entered an era where consumers rely more heavily on the reviews of peers and critics than the traditional advertising tactics of businesses. Regardless of the product or service it provides, a brand is validated and approved not by what it declares about itself, but by the reports and recommendations from satisfied customers.

3 thoughts on “Accomplishment…Minus Showmanship

  1. I love this post! I couldn’t agree more. I am going to print this article and pass it out at our monthly office meeting. It is always important to remember that it’s our patients and their opinion of us that make our reputation what it is.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Angela! There will be more to come from our vault of historical publications.

  2. Working for a company like Patterson is one of my great joys in life. The integerty, trust, working to help our customers, these are our cornerstones. So unlike the industry I came from 10 years ago. I so love my Patterson family.

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