Mercer Business Tools

We are excited to announce the addition of several business tools by Mercer Advisors to the Patterson Explore Store online technology center. Designed to help dentists gain an awareness of lost revenue, the Limited Fee and Hygiene Opportunity Analysis Reports are tools to determine the overall health and performance of a dental practice. These innovative analytical business tools will improve the comparative efficiency and incremental earning potential available to a practice.

These analysis reports are another example of technology solutions that continue to set the standard for a dental practice. Dental professionals submit their practice data online, analytics are performed and a report is produced identifying how a practice aligns both individually and collectively compared with the market average.

Limited Fee Analysis Report

Do you have right-sized fees or are you leaving money on the table? The Limited Fee Analysis Report helps doctors understand how their fees compare to those of other practices in their area.

This report compares 20 common code practice fees to those of other local dental practices. At a glance, a dentist is able to identify how his/her fees align both individually and collectively with the market average. The fee analysis assessment helps identify where and how fee modifications, when implemented in a planned and systematic manner, can provide added value for the practice in the form of incremental revenue and marketplace competitiveness.

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Hygiene Opportunity Analysis Report

Are you hiding incremental revenue – in something as basic and routine as the twice-yearly recare visit? The Hygiene Opportunity Analysis Report helps a doctor to determine the overall health and performance of the practice’s hygiene department.

This report offers insight into the incremental earnings potential – often significant – available to any practice simply through a maximization of the regular preventative appointment cycle of its current patient base. The report first outlines any current hygiene gap, then identifies whether new patient flow is masking current patient attrition or can be considered true growth. Finally, the analysis extrapolates the peripheral care revenue opportunities available to the practice when patient flow is both consistent and accumulative.

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