CEREC Philanthropy

Over the years, the dental profession has proven itself to be highly philanthropic. Just open any trade journal or magazine that serves the industry and it is easy to find an inspiring story of dentists changing lives for the better. Along with generous giving to their favorite charities, many dentists provide free oral health examinations and care to those in their communities who are less fortunate.

CEREC dentists are no exception. Since the creation of the technology, thousands of CEREC owners have taken it upon themselves to deliver high-quality same day restorations and even full mouth reconstructions to those in need. Whether it is helping a local patient or traveling half-way around the world, the CEREC community continues to demonstrate what it means to be a humanitarian. We at Patterson are honored to know so many caring individuals.

We believe that CEREC changes lives. The technology has been improving dental practices for almost 30 years. More importantly, through technology, the industry now has the ability to give a person a whole new outlook on life with a renewed, beautiful smile.

If you are interested in participating in one or more of the many reputable dental charitable organizations that Patterson is associated with, contact your Patterson representative today. Here’s to changing lives, one smile at a time.