Updated office design and equipment eliminate headaches, and backaches

When Erin Roberts, DDS, purchased a dental office from a retiring dentist to open Healthy Smiles in Enid, Okla. in 2003, she had no idea what kind of challenges she would face with the outdated office and equipment. There was little room to move around, no space for organizing tools and supplies in a convenient location and the equipment was unreliable at best.

In 2009 Dr. Roberts purchased a plot of land and with the help of a local architect and her Patterson team, began building a new practice from the ground up. A trip to the A-dec facility in Oregon ensured that she had the most comfortable dental chairs possible and her office design team ensured that she would never again have to sit in a compromised position or make extra trips to other rooms to locate the supplies she needs. The result is an efficient workspace, a happy team and patients who say they want to take the dental chairs home with them.

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