Explore Store at Six Months

Almost exactly six months ago (wow, does time fly), we launched Patterson Explore Store at the Greater New York Dental Meeting. The conclusion of the California Dental Association South Meeting in Anaheim later this week will mark the conclusion of a very successful 2011–2012 dental trade show season for Explore Store. Those of you who will be attending the CDA South Meeting, be sure to stop by the Explore Store kiosk in our booth (#434) to say hi, and maybe to take a quick look at our featured app for the show, RevenueWell (if so, be sure to ask about our show special).

Speaking of RevenueWell, their development team has been hard at work releasing handy little enhancements to make what’s already an outstanding patient marketing software suite even better. One of the advantages of cloud-based software like RevenueWell is how quickly software updates can be deployed.

CAESY Cloud, another Explore Store product, recently received a key update as well, which included the ability to embed CAESY videos on any website.

The store’s newest additions are two self-service interactive reports developed exclusively for Patterson customers by Mercer Advisors, a Limited Fee Analysis and a Hygiene Opportunity Calculator. They are both available free of charge. Tips on how to use those reports are soon to come on this blog, but feel free to check them out now.

We’re humbled to be a small part of bringing to light some of the exciting innovations in business technology and communications making positive changes in the dental industry.  Thank you to everyone that we’ve spoken to at a dental show over the last six months or who’s contacted us for a demo or to share some feedback. We look forward to bringing you more great apps and resources in coming months.