Facebook Page Marketing – Time-Saving Tip

Many of you have asked for tips to help save time with Facebook business page management. Before I share an automation tip with you, let me start by saying, “Use automation in moderation.” If we over-automate and ignore the “social” in social media, we risk losing valuable personal connections.

A favored tool of many practices is Facebook’s own scheduling tool. This tool gives you the ability to pre-schedule posts. To find the tool, click on the Status update box of your Facebook business page. From there, you’ll see a little clock icon in the lower left section of the Status update box. When you click on the clock icon, Facebook’s scheduling tool will allow you to choose the date and time you’d like to pre-schedule your post.

Facebook scheduling

Once you hit the “Schedule” button, Facebook will offer you an option to “View Activity Log”, which will direct you to a section to view your scheduled posts. From the “Activity Log” section you can edit the text and timing of your scheduled posts. If you change your mind, you can also delete the post.

From a marketing perspective, pre-scheduling is a great way to ensure you remember important updates. For example, regularly thank and remind your fans about your fabulous referral program. Often practices get so caught up in trying to educate or entertain in posts that they forget to include essential marketing messaging.

Pre-scheduling can also put your mind at ease during busy times when spontaneous posting might fall by the wayside. However, a word of caution. Let’s say you decide to schedule a “Happy Friday” message for every Friday of the month. Some practices have learned the hard way that unexpected tragedies and unfortunate events happen. You wouldn’t want to wish your community an automated cheerful greeting during the time your town is dealing with a tragedy.

Outside of Facebook, Hootsuite is another favored tool. This powerful management tool allows you to manage multiple social media platform posts, including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Learn more about Hootsuite here.

What’s your favorite time-saving social media tip?

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