Treating Patients, Not Procedures

Dr. Ed Hood of Hood Dental Care in Denham Springs, La., cherishes his relationships with his patients. It was his desire to serve people that attracted him to dentistry nearly 30 years ago. And it’s the relationships that developed in that time that keep him coming back.

Now practicing with two associates – one, his son, Andrew – Dr. Hood’s passion for dentistry is as strong as ever. Over the years, he has embraced the business side of dentistry because it fuels what he truly loves: working with patients.

Fortunately for Dr. Hood, having Patterson Dental as a trusted business partner helps free up time for him to spend with patients. In choosing Patterson, he recalls advice he got from one of his teachers in dental school.

“If you treat patients like a patient – not a filling or a crown or a root canal, as a patient – the money will take care of itself,” Dr. Hood said. “When you have a business partner to help take care of a lot of those other things, it’s true.”

Now that you’ve seen Dr. Hood’s story, share yours with us.

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