Gaining Time through Technology Implementation

The successful implementation of technology in the dental office has been a game changer for many dental office administrators including myself. Our office is a fully digital (chartless) office, run effortlessly with our Eaglesoft “brain”, which greatly reduces administrative time spent dealing with paper charts. Outsourcing many repetitive tasks by utilizing RevenueWell, electronic statements, electronic insurance claims and EOB’s, and CASEY cuts that time even further. So what do I do with all of this time? Do I put my feet up, eat bon-bons, and give myself manicures? I hardly think so! My time has become dedicated to more productive avenues which make my dental office career even more rewarding.

I have discovered the benefit and luxury of dedicating more of my time to patient interaction. While it is true that we have a “high-tech” office, we also feel that we have a “high-touch” office. I really enjoy building relationships with our clients and hearing their life stories. Providing “above and beyond” service bringsĀ as much joy to me as it does to them. If I felt stressed or rushed because of my administrative tasks, I don’t think I would be as apt to spend this time with patients.

Time spent networking with other dental professionals has been both rewarding for our office in general but also for me professionally. I have been able to co-found a study club of other dental administrators from our area and this group has become a very valuable resource. Also becoming a member of AADOM and having the opportunity to attend several of the annual meetings has been very inspirational and productive. I also dedicate time to reading professional journals and online blogs or discussion groups. There is so much valuable information available; remaining isolated on our dental islands is no longer an option if growth is desired.

Marketing our dental office has taken on a whole new meaning in the information age. More time is needed to research, plan, and implement a successful program. We have many cost-effective and profitable means available to us to communicate our message to prospective and current customers but determining the best fit for our office takes time. However, the results from efforts spent in this category are often immediate and measurable. This part of the job description is quickly becoming one of the most important for many dental professionals.

Last, but not least, one of the new time demanders of my profession is the “regulation race” that we all must run. It takes an organized effort to remain in compliance with the many local, state, and federal laws and guidelines that we must follow. These guidelines are in place, however, to create a safer workplace and environment for our patients.

Yes, I do have more time on my hands due to the use of technology in the dental office. This time becomes seeds in my hands that I can scatter to new areas which will result in a even more bountiful harvest.

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  1. I love this! Thank you for sharing Mary Beth. Many of us worry that technology might take away from that ‘personal touch’ but you showed us just the opposite. Your efforts prove that adding technology has helped improve your patients experience, in many ways.

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