The Influence of Mom on Facebook

If so many teens find Facebook uncool, is it still worth your marketing spend? Consider the reason Facebook is no longer cool in teenagers’ minds – teachers, moms, dads and even, gasp, grandparents are spending more and more time on Facebook. In fact, moms have become power social media users.

That’s right, moms, often the power behind the healthcare pocket book, have become forces in social media. In a survey of over 1,400 respondents, BabyCenter’s Social Mom Report found moms are 14% more active on Facebook than the general Internet population 18 and over. And 21% have bought something simply because they saw someone following the brand on social media.

So, what exactly are moms doing on social media? Much more than you may think. While many digital moms often simply share special family moments, they are also finding social tools to help them discover new products and services. Imagine a mom looking for a new dentist for her family – not unusual, as women make approximately 80% of healthcare decisions for their families.

Put yourself in mom’s shoes for a moment. In between her career, or homemaking, grocery shopping, chauffeuring the kids to daycare, soccer or gymnastics, she doesn’t have time to visit multiple potential new dentists.  Moms today want to be sure your practice is the best decision she can make for her family – in the most convenient manner possible.

Increasingly, moms are turning to their smartphones while in line at the grocery store, or waiting in front of the school to pick up their kids. They have become voracious researchers. Is your practice accommodating digital moms’ needs? Ask yourself the following questions to find out:

Is your practice website easy to find?

A website is one thing; however, with Google positions becoming increasingly determined by the placement of Google AdWords, social media is a cost effective way to leave virtual bread crumbs to be discovered by digital moms.

Is it easy to see what others think of your practice?

While reviews on your website are one option, a more powerful testimonial is that attached to a real person – for example a personal profile on Facebook, complete with an authentic profile photo.

Is it easy to anticipate what to expect when someone visits your office?

If a photo is worth a thousand words, then video should be worth millions. Digital moms want to know exactly what your office looks like. Is it clean and modern or sadly outdated? Remember, mom’s too busy to schedule an appointment and gamble that your practice will suit her preferences.

I hope you’ve found reason to believe that Facebook (and social media in general) is still an important marketing tool – even if some teens say Facebook is totally uncool. Whether you are just getting started with social media, or you are a seasoned marketer, there are always new techniques and opportunities to explore. What have you done lately to ensure you are maximizing all the opportunities social media has to offer?

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  1. Well said, Rita. Great post. Minute for minute spent and dollar for dollar spent, Facebook is a remarkable marketing value for dental practices. Thanks for all you do to educate and inspire.

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