Connecting with a community through dentistry

For Peter J. Repole, DMD, and his wife, Mary, the coastal town of Eastport, Maine became a beloved vacation destination because of its breathtaking natural beauty and small town atmosphere. The couple visited frequently from their home in northern Virginia, where they owned a successful dental practice. Located on Moose Island, Eastport is a two-and-a-half-hour drive from the closest major city and is attached to the mainland by a causeway.

Mary, whose mother was born and raised on the island, describes it as a place that “feeds the soul.” For this reason, she and Peter began spending more time there. As they began to feel more connected with the community they also recognized the dire need for another dentist in the area.

The year they both turned 67, after working side by side as doctor and hygienist for more than 30 years, Peter and Mary decided to forgo retirement, opting to embark on an unforgettable life adventure. They sold their Virginia practice, moved to Eastport and opened a dental office on the lower level of their newly built home.

With the help of their Patterson Dental team, the Repoles receive the service they need to help meet the dental needs of the community from their one-operatory practice, Dentistry on Cobscook Bay, Maine. “This is an underserved area,” said Peter. “We hope to make a big difference for people who live here. Practicing in an underserved area can be very challenging, but the need is great and the patients are appreciative. It is rewarding both professionally and financially.”

To learn more about how the Repoles are serving their community, watch the full story here.

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