It’s just a logo … or is it?

Quick! If you have an extracted tooth, area landmark, or something that is a representation of your hobby – then stop! Turn off your phone. Remove all distractions. Shut off your Facebook page. Pay attention because this blog was written just for you.

Your logo, I repeat, your logo is meant to be a reflection of your brand, your style of dentistry, YOUR PRACTICE. When choosing a brain surgeon, do you care if the doctor drives Harleys on the weekend? The Ritz Carlton –  is their logo a reflection of founder César Ritz’s love of lions? Is it that Mr. Ritz liked crowns, so a crown was added to the logo? Or could it be that the lion and crown were used to convey a much larger message? That message was royalty … that every person would be treated like royalty. And what better to symbolize that than a crown and a lion? Imagine the Ritz Carlton logo as having the Eiffel Tower in it simply because the first hotel was in Paris. Or a Ritz Carlton logo with a picture of a bed or the actual building.

Logos are not meant to be literal. Nor are they meant to be extraordinary pieces of art. Logos, in fact, are meant to convey a succinct message through imagery. Look at your logo. Go ahead. Pull out your business card and take a look.

What does your logo say about you?


  • Lots of flowing curves – Artistry
  • Square blocks – Order
  • Flowers – Feminine
  • Greenery – Natural
  • Circles – Comprehensive
  • Extracted tooth – Single Tooth / Emergency Dentistry


  • Warm tones – Comfort
  • Dark blue – Trust
  • Light blues and grays – Modern
  • Red – Emergency
  • Orange – Youth or Techy


  • Times New Roman (or other serif fonts) – Traditional
  • Arial (or other sans serif fonts) – Modern
  • Script – Artistic

While all of the above imageries are not absolutes, they are a guideline. Check your logo and make sure it conveys the right image for you!