Mobilizing with Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions

Dolphin has been addressing the needs of orthodontists for more than 20 years, developing software solutions that accommodate constantly changing practice trends. The most dramatic shift in this arena is the way in which business is conducted, which logically runs parallel to cultural trends. So, as society becomes more mobile, so does Dolphin’s product line.

We recognized a few years back that doctors no longer want to be tied to their desktops. They need to be able to access their practice data after hours from home, while at lunch with colleagues – even on vacation. That’s when we introduced the Dolphin Mobile app, which allowed them to access their data from any Apple iOS (iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®) device. This year we added the ability to run Dolphin Mobile on an Android device, making the technology available to a wider audience. In addition to being able to view their data in real time, they can interact with it as well. This includes zooming in and re-orienting 2D and 3D images, and examining treatment card entries, scheduling details, referring doctor statistics, patient appointment history and account balance information.

This mobile trend has evolved into a need to be device-independent: Doctors want to access their data via whatever is handy at the moment – be it a phone, tablet, PC or Mac. Most importantly, the data needs to be live and synched, wherever they are. That’s why we’re excited to introduce AnywhereDolphin Apps – Dolphin’s newest solution that allows orthodontists to run all their Dolphin software from the cloud.

Actually, Dolphin customers have been enjoying the view from the “cloud” for over 12 years, sharing digital records with patients and referrals over the Internet via our AnywhereDolphin service. Now, they can also enjoy full-featured Dolphin Imaging and Management programs in the cloud. On a practical level this means they can run Dolphin Imaging and Dolphin Management without the need of a physical server in the office. This obviously eliminates the big, initial purchase of a server, but also the ongoing maintenance and hardware configuration fees. All software is updated and backed up automatically, so they don’t need to worry about it. AnywhereDolphin Apps seamlessly supports multiple offices. It also runs under Windows or Mac operating systems.

Tying these technologies together is Super Questionnaire, a multi-platform program that we introduced last year. Again – realizing that the orthodontic practice is no longer confined to four physical walls, Super Questionnaire lets doctors, staff and patients fill out medical history, informed consent and other standard forms wherever and whenever is convenient. This saves time because the patient can fill out the form at home before the initial appointment, and send that data to the doctor immediately. So the staff has the information in the patient’s chart before he arrives.

To sum up, choosing Dolphin gives doctors the confidence of knowing their practice is backed by a progressive team that works with the orthodontic community to anticipate its evolving needs. For more information, visit