Starting with Patient Experience

I often hear from dentists that they are apprehensive about becoming active in the social media space because they are worried someone will start speaking badly of their dental practice. If an individual was going to speak poorly of your practice, chances are they already have. You just might not have it staring you in the face or have the ability to engage in that conversation.

Word of mouth has been happening for a long time; however, now it has gone digital. The key to keeping these conversations positive doesn’t have anything to do with elaborate marketing campaigns or deep discounts. Instead, it starts with a great patient experience within your practice.

If your patients have an exceptional experience at every visit, they are not only likely to return to your care, they are also likely to refer someone else. Keeping conversations about your dental practice positive in social media channels has nothing to do with whether or not you have a Facebook page, but rather providing a great patient experience within your office.