Spring Patterson Today

Patterson Today is an office design, equipment and technology magazine that provides our readers with inspiring stories from doctors around the country who have partnered with their local Patterson team to fulfill their practice dream and improve their patients’ experience. Our new issue of Patterson Today also includes an Orthodontic edition, focusing on information specifically relevant to our orthodontic practices.

Here’s a quick summary of what I think you will find interesting in these new issues. I encourage you to check out the Patterson Today website (www.pattersontoday.com) to read all about these practices and take a 360-degree tour of them:

  • Dr. Sandra Calleros from El Segundo, California, had a vision for her perfect  practice and had the patience to fulfill that dream
  • In Hoover, Alabama, Dr. Todd Howell opened his own thriving office after practicing with his father for 10 years
  • After 25 years in dentistry, Dr. Peter A. Eliopoulos opened a new practice to keep up with his love of technology in Chelmsford, Massachusetts
  • Dr. Curtis Dunn of Woodbury, Minnesota, uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to set his orthodontic practice apart

Bonus Video: Meet Dr. Sandra Calleros!

I invite you to visit www.pattersontoday.com to read each doctor’s complete story, view photos, take a 360-degree tour of their practices and watch a video highlighting Calleros Dental.