Raise Practice Awareness Through Post-Halloween Sweet Swap

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Have you ever sponsored a candy buyback program right after Halloween? If not, this is the year to try one! If so, here are some awesome free, downloadable materials you can use to make your event even more successful this year.

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How A Sweet Swap Works

Allow all the trick-or-treaters in your community (both patients and non patients) a day or two to enjoy a portion of the Halloween candy they’ve gathered. Then, invite them to bring what is left over to your office to “swap” for prizes of your choice. (There are lots of suggestions for fun things to do and prizes to consider on the download page.)

Encourage your existing patients to invite their extended family members, neighbors, coworkers, and friends to attend—even if they’re not your current patients. It’s a great introduction to your practice and an awesome opportunity to impress prospective new patients.

Create A Facebook Event

If your practice is on Facebook, be sure to create an event and invite your followers to attend! Make sure you set it up as a public event so that family and friends of your followers can view and RSVP as well. Here is an example showing you how to create a Facebook event for your Sweet Swap.

Have Fun With This. Your Patients And Their Friends Will!

After you download the materials, be sure to use them in your practice before, during, and after your event to get the most traction through your social media platform.

Do you have other tips or suggestions to contribute? Please comment below!

And good luck!

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