Re-Sharing Important Wall Posts on Your Facebook Page

Your practice is likely already harnessing Facebook’s power as part of your marketing efforts. Congratulations! As you do so, here’s an important thing to keep in mind…

Facebook’s content stream is always pushing your content down. Keeping it alive in a fan’s newsfeed is a smart tactic, especially when you’re running a contest or promotion – or when you just have an especially important post that you hope your fans will notice.

Re-sharing important posts is perhaps one of the most overlooked tactics for keeping your content in front of your audience. Doing it properly is easy, but just be sure you’re doing it right.

How To Re-Share a Post on Facebook

Check out this short informational video that will show you how to re-share those important posts on your Facebook page.

As Always, Use Moderation

This probably goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. Find that fine line between effectiveness in the number of times you re-share, and just being plain annoying. Don’t go crazy with the re-sharing. Be thoughtful. Put yourself in your patients’ and prospective patients’ shoes.

Round Out Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you’ve ever heard someone from My Social Practice speak at a dental event, you probably recognize the following statement as #2 in our 5-Point Dental Social Media Marketing Mantra: Social media isn’t something you “have” … It’s something you “do”!

But how do you DO it? Start with the big picture by becoming familiar with our “26 Dental Social Media Marketing Truths.” These short articles will help you better understand the WHY behind social media marketing in your dental practice.

What Are YOUR Thoughts About Re-Sharing Facebook Posts?

How about you? Have you found the exact magic formula in your practice for the optimal number of times to post to Facebook and/or re-share your posts? If so, share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

2 thoughts on “Re-Sharing Important Wall Posts on Your Facebook Page

    1. Thanks for your comment, Dr. Medina. Facebook is rapidly moving toward a “if you’re going to play, you’re going to pay” model. This has become very apparent over the last couple of months. I am not sure if I would go so far as to call it underhanded… When you read all the fine print they’re certainly in control of the content on their platform. We are finding that many of our client practices are earmarking a small budget each month for promoting posts and having good success with that tactic. In the back of all our minds we probably knew that this is where Facebook was headed. It comes as no surprise really. Maybe experiment with a small budget and see if posts like the one you are describing get a lot more traction. It may very well be money well spent. Thanks again for chiming in.

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